The Conference was the 10th of a quadrennial series which began in Providence (USA, 1956) and continued in Ithaca (USA, 1961), Manchester (UK, 1965), Providence (USA, 1969), Aachen (Germany, 1973), Tokyo (Japan, 1977), Lausanne (Switzerland, 1981), Urbana (USA, 1985), and Beijing (China, 1989). After Rome, the Conference series continued on a triennial cadence, in Poitiers (France, 1996), Buenos Aires (Argentina, 1999), Bilbao (Spain, 2002), Kyoto (Japan, 2005), Perugia (Italy, 2008), Lausanne (Switzerland, 2011),   (China, 2014), (Brasil, 2017). After Bilbao the Conference was renamed as ICIFMS.

The Conference was attended by the Founders of the Physics of Anelasticity P. G. Bordoni (link), A. Nowick link, T. S. Kê link, Granato link, Lücke link, C. Wert, A. Seeger link, G. Schöck link and others.

The Conference Chairman Rosario Cantelli made great effort to attract also those scientists who use the same technique in different fields of physics, materials science and technology, but who do not usually attend our Conference series. The success of this initiative was achieved thanks to the enthusiastic response of the scientists of the various communities, and some of them were included in the International Scientific Committee. For the above reasons the new ICIFUAS series took on a wider international significance, becoming the only major Conference devoted to the elastic energy dissipation in the matter. The Chairman recommended to continue acting in such unitary way in the future.

The participants to the Conference were 180 from 29 different Countries, and The Conference programme was extremely wide and consisted of 301 contributions on 14 different topics.